Humidex Monitoring

Although it can be used anywhere in the world, including US, humidex is a popular term in Canada and is used to indicate how heat, combined with humidity, impacts the human body. This means that temperature is not the only factor to be considered when measuring the level of comfort individuals feel when exposed heat.

Humidex is calculated using temperature and humidity.

Canadian Centre For Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) provides guidelines for monitoring the work environment and what actions to take should Humidex levels raise above a series of thresholds.

Humidex Sense provides native support for the above thresholds which are pre-configured in the system. Alerts are sent whenever those thresholds are crossed, advising what actions need to be taken.  As the level of Humidex rises, there is an increased risk of illness related to heat stress.

Humidex Sense offers comprehensive support for a successful implementation of heat stress awareness programs.

CCOHS guidelines recommend measuring humidex levels every hour and in most cases this task becomes impractical with only a few sensors. It becomes almost a full-time job.

Humidex Sense reads Humidex levels every 10 minutes in its default configuration and is able to process hundreds of sensors. It offers significant cost savings when compared to manually thermostats. In addition, checking thermostats manually introduces human error.

Heat Stress Awareness Program

Please contact us for additional details on how Humidex Sense works and how it can help manufacturing plants implement a successful heat stress awareness program.